Included in the Mastiff Plan

Clients, pets & vaccines database

  • You can maintain clients and their pets information and keep detailed records.
  • Fill out a pet vaccination dates and get notifications when the vaccine ends.
  • See all the vital information on your customers.
  • You can also add individual notes to a client or dog.

Orders and manual payments

  • You can create orders for whatever services you added, invoice your customers, mark when the client has paid.
  • Make orders by clicking on the calendar day or add orders on the Orders section. You can select multiple services.

Appointment Request Page

  • You’ll be provided with your own web-page where your customers would be able to request your services.
  • Choose your page design yourself, add services, fill your contact information and it’s done!
  • Clients won’t be able to request an order on your blocked-out dates.
  • You’ll see all the requested orders in the system.

Unique Services

  • Customize your services and create your own unique ones.
  • You can always add something outstanding that’s not included in the system.


  • Check-in and check-out a pet with just one click.
  • Your clients gets a notification once you checked-in or checked-out.
  • Edit check-ins/outs.
  • Leave notes, upload photos and mark what pet’s done during the walk.


  • See what bookings you have each day and for what service. Any booking you add will automatically be added to the scheduling calendar.
  • Click on each day and see more detailed information on your bookings.
  • Get daily/weekly/monthly overview on bookings.
  • Block out dates when you won’t be available for bookings.

Document Uploading

  • Upload all the necessary documents to the client or pet card, so they will always be at your fingertips.
  • Store your documents in one place.

Email Customers

  • Send emails to your clients directly from the Doxford panel.
  • Notify customers about upcoming events, their pets’ vaccination expiring or simply congratulate on holidays.


Create invoices from your orders and send them directly to your clients. They’ll be able to print and pay them!

Financial Reports

  • Overview your earnings from services in the most convenient way.
  • You can set data in graphs and charts for more demonstrative presentation.
  • Sort it by periods and analyze your business growth any time!

Today’s bookings overview

Every day you can see the list of the bookings for today.

Online Payments

Track online payments from your customers (we work with PayPal now), so they will appear in your financial reports.

Email Appointment Reminder

You will not forget about the upcoming appointments with our reminder. Just set up notifications about them to your email and receive a notice at any desired time.

Wolfhound Plan

More features for the Wolfhound Plan, including Employees Management and Extended Financial Reports coming really soon!


We’re always open to any new features that you lack in our system. So feel free to contact us in case you have suggestions!

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* As we’re only starting our way with Doxford, we’re pleased to offer 90 days of free trial period for the first 10 users. For everyone above this number, a free trial period is 30 days.