We are people who brought Doxford to life.

The idea of the project came to us in the late of 2018, when our previous company got shut and we had to decide what we’d do with our lives. We always wanted to make our own project that would be useful for people. We’re not into making those profitable “soulless” businesses, and have always wanted it to have a heart inside. That’s why we came to the decision of making the software for the heartiest people we could imagine – pet sitters, walkers, Lovers.

We know how it’s hard sometimes to run business without appropriate tools and we try our best to solve this problem for you!

We hope you’ll be pleased to work with Doxford. Meet our team. We look forward to see your business growing with us.

Nikolay Strikhar
CEO, Founder

The big boss here ;D Will project and create any software feature you need. At leisure, he loves to walk in the woods, read Karl Marx, explore castles and be a life guru a little bit.

Customer Relations, Website

You can contact her anytime and she'll make all your problems go away. In her off, she likes cooking, reading books and hiking in the mountains. Oh, and watching her favorite Tv-shows, of course.

Dog Tester
Our white tester. He's calm and playful. He adores kissing, lying on the grass, jumping on the bed and sometimes falling of it. But most of the time he's being Zen.
Cat Tester
Our black tester. He likes to jump on the highest closet and watch dogs out of the window. Addicted to shrimps. Beware of his sharp claws, he's not as patient as Mac.