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Leave the old school behind. Perfect fit for solo dog trainers and dog training businesses.

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Bring your pet training
business online

If you’re a local dog trainer trying to expand business, you’re probably…

  • Bogged down by a lot of paperwork
  • Getting lost in the bunch of appointments you’ve got on the list
  • Spending hours managing payments and invoices
  • Wasting money on ineffective ways of marketing yourself

We know it’s difficult: the rainy days, the wet-dog smell, the uncalled phone. It can be hard to manage business. Our software helps do administration work. Perfect for solo trainers up to larger companies who specialise in training private or group.

We feel your pain..

Surely you have too much documentation routine and info to remember. Aside from doing your primary job you have to spend several hours weekly to fill in training sessions records, prepare contracts, sign documents, make report cards. That’s a lot to handle.

You’re spending too much time on admin tasks that could be automated. Worried how to set up special discounts for certain customers or situations? Having different sources to accept payments, invoicing, updating customers and pets data? All of these devour up to half of your efficient time!

You’re always worried about forgetting your next appointment or pet vaccines info. Permanently checking your upcoming meetings, always keeping things under the radar – impressive, huh?

You don’t have time to run a website along with your dog training. Setting up a website can feel complicated and time-consuming. It can also cost a lot in web-development fees. People don’t have an easy way to order your services and need to contact you directly.

Doxford brings you online
simply and easily

A whole load of features to help you run your business
and make things less complicated for you.

Store everything in one safe place

Upload important documents and store everything in one safe place. Leave notes on all your clients’ profiles and access contracts and report cards in one click. Bring trainer-customer relations online by e-signing terms and conditions and exchanging documents via our system.

Get automated reminders

Don’t keep all info in your head – you’ll get automated reminders of appointments, pet vaccines, your clients and pets’ birthdays, unpaid invoices. Use calendar to schedule services, avoid timing conflicts and save time. Control your state of affairs with ease.

Automated emails and SMS

Automated emails and SMS sent to you and clientele according to your custom settings. Order confirmation, cancellation, invoice overdue, new appointment request. You barely need to do anything (except train the dogs). Totally customisable pricing for your services at your duty with Doxford. Your time is freer with automatically processed online payments. Access it on the go from anywhere.

Reduce booking time to seconds

It’s 10x easier to market yourself to new people when you have a dedicated booking page. They can request a service straight away they get to your own customisable website. Your request webpage is synchronised with the calendar, so no concerns about any scheduling collisions. Reduce booking time to seconds, your customers will love it!

Doxford is easily accessed from phone, so you can see clients, bookings and payments anywhere you go.

We don’t want to torment you, so to set up Doxford you don’t need to be good at technology – it takes less than 20 minutes. Start for free, complete the info, set your rates and publish your page. And you have your own fully functioning booking system and webpage where people are able to book your services.

You get 100% free support, we’re always there to help over.

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Watch out!

This is easily the most quickly developing software I have seen for the pet profession industry. It literally gets updated daily with new features. I personally have worked with the developer and he takes every idea I have into consideration when it comes to implementation. He cares about his clients and their needs which is my favorite thing about Doxford. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I have spent on companies with difficult software that was to lazy to make it better. This is a must for new and experienced pet professionals alike.

Simplify and Grow your Pet Care Business with Doxford
Free for 10 days. No credit card. Cancel anytime.