Is there an app that I can download?

Doxford is a cloud-based «web app», that’s why there is no app needed. You can use it on your phone, tablet or desktop, whenever you’re connected to the internet. All of the Doxford’s features will be available on every device and you won’t ever have to sync them – anytime you make changes on your device it will be automatically loaded to the cloud and you’ll see the changes on other devices as well.

We may plan on doing an app that you can download when we understand what our clients want to use it for exactly. Anyway, our competitors charge a whole lot of money on a monthly basis for using their apps and our aim is to keep our prices fair and reasonable.

Can I import my data from my old software?

We hope everyone understands that due to different databases’ structures you can’t just simply export and import your data from your old software. That’s why it’s our pleasure to help you with it. You won’t have to think about transferring the data, we’ll carefully fill every line for you!

But of course, we’re not super-powerful and would have to take a small fee for this service. It’s totally free up to 35 clients with their pets and $0,5 for each above the quantity.

Please pay attention that we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data provided from a different vendor database.

Is my business data safe?

Your business information is totally safe. Your data is fully protected and is daily backed-up. We also use SSL encryption to make sure your operation with Doxford is secure.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime and you won’t pay a penny after. If you cancel you won’t have the ability to create any records. You’ll be able to only look over your existing data. You will have to upgrade again to get all the features.

Does Doxford work with other currencies?

Yes. You can set any currency in your Company Settings.

Do I have to sign a contract or something?

By no means. There is no contract to sign and you can upgrade/downgrade/cancel whenever you want.

Can I try any plan before making up my mind?

Certainly! You can try our instant demo or sign up your account and use Doxford free for 90* days. There is no credit card required and you can cancel anytime.

Is it hard to learn and use Doxford as I’m not a computer genius?

No way. We understand that the majority of our clients aren’t super technically savvy so we’ve created the system which would be clear and apprehensible to anyone. We want you to be focused on improving your business, not learning how to use a new system. That’s why Doxford is very easy to learn and use.

How long does it take to make setup?

Not more than 10 minutes. Verify your email, sign in, set a few settings (Doxford will help you with it) and you can make new orders for your clients!

Do you charge a setup fee?

We do not. There are no any setup fees with Doxford. We see no reason for a setup fee for a cloud-based system.

Do you charge any special hidden fees with Doxford?

There are no hidden fees with Doxford.

Do you offer support?

Sure, all our support is made via email 24/7 and our website chat. The reason there is no phone support is we don’t want to increase our monthly prices for it. Our email support is [email protected], you’ll get a reply within few hours.