Features for Pet Parents

The amazing tool for Pet Parents
The Doxford app for Pet Owners is designed in order to fulfil pet parents’ needs and to make communication between you and customers easier and clearer. Always keep them up to date so that they know the pets are in safe keeping.


After you end an appointment, pet parents can see the service report card on their main screen. Make sure to keep everything synced.


Things they cherish the most

You know what your customers love the most - feasting their eyes on their pets! Pictures of their best four-legged friends are uploaded and accessible for pet parents after a service is completed.

Pet Photo


Pet owners get a detailed map of their pet adventures for the services with enabled GPS-tracking. The notes you left for pet parents are available in a service summary after check-out. Keep the parents informed, let them rest assured that their pets are properly taken care of.

Walk Summary
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