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Bring your doggy daycare to the next level

You know you’ve come to the right place if you own a dog daycare facility, have an undying love for dogs, but don’t get a chance to enjoy time with them due to a hectic schedule and performing tasks that could easily be automated.

We’re aware that along with being lucrative and satisfying, it’s also very time-consuming, tense and busy to own doggy daycare. You might encounter a lot of challenges of a different nature on your way, leave alone treating the business itself.

We feel your pain..

Getting lost in piles of documents you have to fill in and sort? As necessary as it can be, nobody likes doing this stuff whilst you have more important and urgent things to do. Being with your four-legged friends for instance! ;)

It must be horrific to do everything on your own: a client calls you to book a service, another one has just texted if you provide dog daycare packages, you, trying not to forget who wants what. Say nothing of having a jumbled calendar with all the upcoming reservations. Oh, that’s definitely not what you wish for when you start dog daycare.

You’re always thinking about what pets you need to take today, which ones have a half-day booking, not to mention the fact you’ll need to invoice them later. What if someone has cancelled the booking? When is the next four-legged friend coming? Another major pain in dog day care is people forgetting to drop their dog off. Or even worse: they turn up hours after they were supposed to pick them up. Wow. Too much for one day.

Get frightened of thought that you'll have to create a website for your customers to get to know you? This must be exhausting and stressful to deal with such tasks while taking care of dog daycare.

Doxford brings you online
simply and easily

Not to worry, because we’re here to resolve all of the above!
Our time-saving features are made to improve and alleviate your business.

Go paperless with Doxford

Get your detailed client and pet profiles in one quickly accessible place. You have all their contact info, vet contact, additional details (as age, gender, weight), special notes, vaccinations within reach of one click.

Save your time and enhance the cash flow

Spend less time dealing with bookings with our online booking tool. Your customers will be able to book your services online 24/7. Check all appointments in the calendar or create a new one just in 5 seconds. A must-have for any doggy daycare, prepaid packages, is also not a problem anymore. Customers can purchase any number of passes and redeem them on every future visit. Save your time and enhance the cash flow.

Reduce the amount of stress you get because of reminders

Check what pets are coming and going, which pets are currently checked-in with our comprehensible dashboard. Prompt check-in and check-out with one click. Reduce the amount of stress you get because of trying to remember everything at once. Now you receive reminders and notifications for any event possible: check-in check-out, order cancellation/confirmation, new chat message, order invoice, upcoming appointments and many more! We send automated emails and texts that remind your clients when to drop off and pick up their pooch. 60% said getting text reminders make them more likely to remember appointments compared to other methods, so we have got you covered. 

We’ll make a home on the internet for your doggy daycare

You don’t need to create a website on your own or look for a proper person to do it for you. You’ll have your own customisable webpage that will showcase your business, the services you offer, prices, and allow customers to book services there. We’ll make a home on the internet for your doggy daycare.

Whether you’re a home-based business or a big company, Doxford will suit you perfectly. We’ll make your dog daycare management as serene as it can get!

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Watch out!

This is easily the most quickly developing software I have seen for the pet profession industry. It literally gets updated daily with new features. I personally have worked with the developer and he takes every idea I have into consideration when it comes to implementation. He cares about his clients and their needs which is my favorite thing about Doxford. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I have spent on companies with difficult software that was to lazy to make it better. This is a must for new and experienced pet professionals alike.

Simplify and Grow your Pet Care Business with Doxford
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