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Easy-to-Use Software for
Professional Dog Day Care Services

Get more clients

Grow your client base with Doxford’s online bookings. 70% prefer booking online over traditional methods, so increase conversions and make it easier for people to book your services.

Be set free from paperwork

Doxford automates all your paperwork—from invoicing to documentation to financial reports. Be set free from all the messy paperwork, so you can have less stress, more fun.

Build your own brand

Get your own web page. Design it, add services, and personalise your info. Amazingly customizable: make your business look the way you want and create a business you’re proud of.

Get paid faster

You need to know you’re getting your money easily and quickly. With Doxford, clients can book and pay for your services in advance so you don’t need to worry about the money.

Never have missed appointments again

Doxford automatically reminds clients about their upcoming appointment via text or email, so no more no-shows and wasted time. 60% say they’re less likely to forget with text reminders.

Keep you and your clients in-the-know

With Doxford’s online calendar, know exactly what animals are coming to stay when. It also blocks out unavailable dates/times, so everyone knows which times are free and which aren’t.

Our awesome features

It can cost on average $2,000-$10,000 to start a dog day care business in the US.

But with Doxford, we make setting up your business cheaper, easier and simpler. We take thousands of dollars worth of professional services and value and put it all into an affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based software. Some of the amazing features our software offers:

Dog daycare software
  • Online booking page
  • Customizable pricing for your dog day care
  • Set your availability and schedule
  • Online Calendar to schedule appointments
  • Check in/check out
  • Online payments (now linked with PayPal & Square!)
  • Document uploading
  • Automated emails and SMS
  • Notifications
  • Manage booking requests
  • And much more!

Doggy day care is growing. In the US, there are over 4,000 dog day cares and 40% of earned money from the pet care industry comes from them. You’re busy with the animals, so imagine you didn’t need to spend so much time stressing over paperwork and appointment making. Doxford keeps everything in one place and lets you focus on what matters: the dogs.

It’s easy to get lost in all the dogs coming and going. Doxford’s check in/check-out system lets you check-in and check-out a pet with just one click in our editable page. Your clients also get a notification once they are checked-in or checked-out so everyone know what’s happening.

Another major pain in dog day care is people forgetting to drop their dog off. Or even worse: they turn up hours after they were supposed to pick them up. But with Doxford, we send automated emails and texts that remind your clients when to drop off and pick up their pooch. 60% said getting text reminders make them more likely to remember appointments compared to other methods, so we have got you covered. You won’t be stuck doing unpaid dog sitting.

And since you have a lot of to deal with, Doxford gives you easy, flexible payment options. You can see all your bookings, invoice your customers, and mark when the client has paid. And, best of all, your customers can pay online as well. If you want to deal in cash, no problem, but many clients prefer online payments. Since we’re now linked with PayPal, your clients can pay for your day care quickly and easily online, which won’t only increase the ease of money but also the amount.

This is just a scratch at the surface though. With Doxford, everything is clean, professional, and easy to use. Upgrade your business: our services and methods are backed with research and on-the-ground experience. Fantastic performance, beautiful design, so you can revolutionize the future of your business: start your 100% free trial today.

Doxford serves you and your customers! It is adjusted for all modern-day needs.

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