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How to name your pet business

Sometimes it’s very hard to choose a name for your business. You face a great choice: whether you want the name to be serious, reflecting your main goals or maybe you’d like to have something fun that just sounds nice?

Naming your business is the first step in developing your brand and it can be one of the most important ones. If you don’t have a unique, perfectly descriptive name, it will be hard for your clients to find your company in the first place and to recognise it in the future.

Have you just started a business and trying to find a perfect name for your dog walking or pet sitting company, pet daycare, dog boarding or any other kind of pet service business? It’s your lucky chance. The Doxford dog business name generator is here to help.

Our business name ideas

Our team has prepared some ideas on how the ideal pet-oriented business name should sound (in our humble opinion 😉). Find the suggestions below.

Whenever you find a name that would be a perfect fit for you, make sure you’re in team Doxford. It's a modern and easy-to-use pet business management system. With us, your business will grow faster and you’ll be able to manage it more easily.

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Ideas from Nikolay

I’d go with a name that sounded simple and exclusive at the same time. The best way for people to remember your name is to use some alliteration or rhythm.

Here are some of my ideas:

Doggy Crew
Doggy Paws
World of Dogs
The Dog Corner
Walk the Dog
Collar Free
Doggy Happy Place
Dogs and More
Go Dog Go
Best Bark
Paw Pals
Good Boy
Fur Friends
Cool Kennel
Bark Your Heart
Best Bone

Ideas from Violetta

For my name ideas, I tried to create names that demonstrate the quality. I thought of words like Professional, Exceptional, Stunning, Individual. Something that makes it obvious that your business is trustworthy.

Some names that I came up with:

Doggy Professional
Furry Exclusive
Friendly Paw
Your Dog’s World
Paw Pals Professional
Pawesome Doggy
Doggy Personal Place
Doggie Heaven
Best of The Friends
Tails of Joy
A Dog’s Home
Lucky Dog
Dog’s Personal Friend
Canine Professionals
Grr Stunning
Shake a Paw
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